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Site Name: Starbelle: Aryana Engineer
Site Tagline: Your Original Source for Everything Aryana Engineer
Opened: September 30, 2009
URL: http://aryana-engineer.com
Contact: Webmiss@Aryana-Engineer.com
Layout By: Version 8 By Megan
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How The Site Got Started
Starbelle first began in September 2009, almost two months after the release of Orphan. I had just seen Aryana's breakthrough performance, and was completely blown away. It was hard to believe that a little girl who says nothing throughout the whole movie could steal every scene. I just had to make a site for this amazingly talented person! So Starbelle was created (all credit for name goes to Dani).On September 15th I bought http://aryana-engineer.com and the day after I set up an account with Embersky. The site was officially launched on September 30, 2009, and by this time it was already loaded with information and pictures that you couldn't find anywhere else.

About the Webmiss

Country: United States
Contact: webmiss@aryana-engineer.com
Relationship to Aryana: NONE - I am not related to the Engineers.


Are You Aryana Engineer?
No, I Am Simply a Fan and a Webmiss.

Does Aryana Know About the Site?
Yes she does.

Do you know Aryana Personally?
Yes I do.

Can you give me Aryana's Private Email or Phone Number?
No. I dont give out personal contact information, sorry.

May I use your pictures?
For Graphics, fan videos, and Desktop Uses sure, but please do not display them on your website. You will need permission from the webmiss, and even then some images are exclusive to this site.

I Have Some Art, Can You Put It On Your Site?
We would love to have your donations! Please Contact Me and we will be sure to add anything appropriate.

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