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Resident Evil: Retribution
Tagline: Evil Goes Global
Feature Film
From: Sony Pictures
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Aryana Plays:
Additional Cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and Michelle Rodriguez
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Release Date: 14 September 2012 (USA)
Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rated: R
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Aryana's Character

Aryana plays Becky, a young deaf girl who forms a mother-daughter like bond with Alice (Jovovich). Becky is a clone created by the Umbrella Corporation and used by Umbrella in experimental simulations. The clones were created and imprinted with basic memories to ensure correct emotional responses. Becky believes that Alice (Jovovich) is her mother, and Alice can't bear to leave the child, so decides to take Becky with her.

DVD Extra's

Director and Cast Commentary

Milla: 'Thank you Daddy' She's so great! Aryana Engineer, she's amazing!

Boris: She's a sweet heart

Milla: We saw her last year we went on our Anniversary we watched "Orphan" in Mexico, on DVD

Boris: thats a good thing to watch on your anniversary in Mexico


Milla: And we saw Aryana, and that was when the idea first came to Paul to make her - was it to make her a deaf girl or just for a little girl in general - no you already -

Paul: Yeah she was already in the movie but she wasn't deaf.

Milla: 'You're my mommy aren't you?' Oh My God So Good!

Paul: So but just share with the audience what you said to kinda get that teary performance out of her on the day.

Milla: NO! Stop it! No your gonna make people hate me!

Paul: Yeah because Milla was really good she really worked with Aryana a lot, you know, to she was very giving really really helped her a lot!

Milla: Well thats why I would have a headache because I wasn't just acting for me. When my shot would be done I'd be with Aryana and, you know, making sure she'd use that part of her voice that we love so much which was the little animal voice *mimics raspy breathing* Like if you notice her screams, even when she gets taken by the licker are like *rough scream* rather than *squeal* she doesn't have that little girl annoying scream.

But anyway I said some awful things to her of course, as you do. You know, I mean they're professional kids so you know unfortunately you gotta have a heart of stone.

Character Quotes

Becky is a deaf child, but does speak as well as signs all of her lines.

Becky: "Please Get a Room" *In Trailer only, not in film*

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