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Tagline: There's Something Wrong with Esther
Feature Film
From Warner Brothers
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Aryana Plays:
Maxine "Max" Coleman
Additional Cast: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard,
Isabelle Fuhrmann
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Writer: David Johnson (screenplay),
Alex Mace (story)
Release Date: 24 July 2009 (USA)
Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Rated: R
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Aryana's Character

Aryana plays 6 year old Max, the daughter of John (Sarsgaard) and Kate Coleman (Farmiga). When Max was little she was involved in an accident at the lake that rendered her deaf/mute. She uses hearing aids to help her read lips, but she can only communicate by signing. When Max's parents adopt Esther (Fuhrmann) Max and Esther become fast friends ...

Character Quotes

Max is a deaf child, and thus all her lines are signed rather than spoken.
Maxine: My Teacher Helped

Kate: Max! Max! Stop Throwing! I'm Working!
Maxine: Sorry

Kate: Lets read something else tonight. *Max shakes head* ... Okay. *Reads Story*
Maxine: Is baby Jessica an Angel?
Kate: Yes, a beautiful Angel.
Maxine: Am I going to get a new sister?
Kate: I don't know.

Esther: Thank you
Maxine: You're Welcome.

Kate: Did you see what happened?
Maxine: She Slipped!
Maxine: Pass the Bread and Butter.

Esther: What is she saying?
Maxine: She's Talking about you! ... What's an F-bomb? ... She's talking about Brenda!

Esther: There's a mean lady here, she has come to take me away. Will you Help me.
Maxine: *Nods*
Esther: look for the key to the tree house

Esther: Do you want to play?
Maxine: No
Esther: Maybe Later

Maxine: You tricked me!
Esther: That dosn't matter, they'll send you to jail just for helping me *Spoiler Removed* ... She was going to Tell on me, your not going to tell on me ... Are you?
Maxine: No

Daniel: Max! Max are you Ok?
Maxine: *nods*
Daniel: What did she do? Did she do something to make the car crash?
Daniel: if you saw her you have to help me, so mom and dad can protect us
Maxine: They can't help!
Daniel: Why not? ... Is that sister Abigail ...
Daniel: Max what did she do in my tree house
Maxine: She put the bad things in there.
Daniel: Are the bad things still there?
Maxine: *nods*

Maxine: I'm going to get Esther.

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