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Little Snippets from articles commenting on Aryana's Performances ... If you know of any we don't have here please contact us.

Reviews of Aryana's performance as Max Coleman in the 2009 Horror flick Orphan.

Aryana Engineer is exceptional as little Max in the movie. She's really a natural. I really hope to see more of her acting..
[Tammy - March 3 2010]

I would also like to acknowledge the even younger child actor, Aryana Engineer, who plays a deaf child that has to get a lot of emotions across without a word. Which is an even tougher challenge and she was a master.
[Chris Kennison - November 2 2009]

But it’s Aryana Engineer who really shines here. She’s just perfect as Max, whose inability to communicate makes her an unwilling accomplice in Esther’s acts of violence.
[Peter - November 30 2009]

“Orphan” starring Vera Farmiga ... and last but not the least the very gifted Aryana Engineer as Max Coleman will surely give other long standing top actors a run for their money, in this psychological suspense-thriller.
[Kiran Bernard - October 16 2009]

The whole cast delivered a great performance. Besides Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays -masterly-the title character, Esther, my favorite is Aryana Engineer, who plays the Coleman’s youngest child, Max. I’m so amazed with these two, really.
[Nameless - September 28 2009]

Most of the child actors in Hollywood have time and again given finer performances than adults and with Orphan ... Aryana Engineer is another kid who deserves a standing ovation for her impressive portrayal of a deaf kid Max.
[Renuka Vyavahare - September 23 2009]

"Aryana Engineer in her screen debut as the deaf little sister Max is adorable and almost steals the show in every scene."
[un-named author]

"Aryana Engineer is cute as a button and a wonderful little actress"
[Mary Eschuk - July 25 2009]

"Aryana Engineer, who played young daughter Max, is quite possibly the most adorable thing on the planet, and despite this being her first role (performed entirely in sign language), served as one of the reasons Orphan worked so well as a thriller. Her interactions with Esther only enhanced the brutality of the character, counterbalancing yet at the same time highlighting the true nature of the character."
[Brad McHargue - August 30 2009]

And man. Whoever cast these kids got it dead on. Isabelle Fuhrman is simply amazing as Esther - and Aryana Engineer (who plays the youngest) has the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen.
[Unknown - August 3 2009]

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