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I dont mind asking questions, but several people ask the same questions over and over again, so I have decided to make the answers readily available!

Question: Is Aryana Really Deaf?
Answer: No she is not. Aryana was born with hearing impairments, but she has recieved a Cochlear Implant and is able to hear and speak.

Question: What does it mean to have "Mild Hearing Loss"
Answer: Having mild hearing loss and being deaf are very different. People with mild hearing loss CAN still hear, just not very well. When someone is whispering, or far away, or there is a lot of background noise, a person with mild hearing loss will be unable to hear another person talking. Untreated, mild hearing loss can lead to developmental issues in speech and language. Aryana was diagnosed at a very young age and was given hearing aids, so she is able to speak and hear just fine now.

Question: Can Aryana Speak?
Answer: Yes she can.

Question: Does Aryana have an Email or Address so I could write her?
Answer: As of right now the answer is no. But if any contact information becomes available I will post it here for all!

Question: Is Aryana an only child?
Answer: No, Aryana has an older brother.

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