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But WOW we got a great performance out of her. Its rare to find kids that are really good, and I think people are going to be very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Aryana is in this movie

Milla Jovovoich - Star of Resident Evil: Retribution - Source

I have to say, working with this really phenomenal little girl in this movie named Aryana Engineer, and you know her from Orphan. She was the deaf girl. She plays a deaf child in this movie, but she speaks. She has an ocular implant, so she does hear and she speaks incredibly well. I think if she continues with this speech coach, she could grow up to be a phenomenal actress that you wouldn’t even know she was deaf. In this movie, when we saw her audition, there was such a beautiful charm about her. The way she talked, you could hear there was something off about it, like she doesn’t talk like she should for someone her age. It was just heartrending. As a mother, I was just going “My God! Her parents must have worked so hard to have gotten her to this point.” As a mother, my heart just went out to her. She’s so unbelievable. It’s been fun doing the scenes with her because she started off kind of laughing and she couldn’t get into it. We worked together and now it’s like, “Boom!” Every time we get on set, it’s like, “Alright. You just have to breathe. Let’s go!” and she’s there. In this movie, she’s going to out act quite a few young actors in Hollywood, especially when you think of somebody with, whatever you want to call it, a disability. It is absolutely not in any way a disability for her. She’s a phenomenal actress.

Milla Jovovoich - Star of Resident Evil: Retribution - Source

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